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Spinning sign - corporate brand

Spinning sign custom colour coded Corporate Rotating Sign in Yellow Red Spinning Sign plastic colour coded spinning sign advertising spinning sign
"... unique, outdoor, wind-driven
spinning signs...."

The Windvane is a unique, high quality outdoor spinning sign which is designed to start spinning as the wind blows.

This spinning motion cuts through existing advertising clutter and gets your product noticed while the soft round corners and high gloss injection-moulded components promote your brand due to it's upmarket and attractive appearance.

This spinning sign is designed to start spinning as the wind blows and through it's movement is able to attract attention even in high traffic areas like pavements, walkways and forecourts. This sign is the perfect choice for any business, event or company wanting to promote itself.

Launched in 1994 our internationally patented rotating sign has been developed and consistently improved to provide high quality, longevity and value. With over 50 000 units sold into Europe, Africa, Australia, USA and Asia our spinning sign is recognized as a global leader in outdoor advertising.

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Spinning Sign
Spinning Sign
spinning sign top view
Animated Spinning sign
Animated Spinning Sign showing uninterupted graphics with the use of a colour coded trim and base

Why spinning signs?

  • Spinning signs provide greatly improved visibility - as they spin, they catch people's attention.
  • Spinning signs increase sales - more exposure converts to higher turnover
  • Spinning signs enhance your branding
  • Spinning signs are cost effective - they provide years of advertising at minimal outlay

The design of the spinning sign..

This spinning sign is aerodynamically designed to start rotating at exceptionally low wind speeds, and maintain low revolutions even at high wind speeds.

More importantly to ensure pedestrian, property and motor vehicle safety, all corners have large radiuses and the rotating section is of a low mass. The Windvane is manufactured to European standards, and is an attractive high quality, aesthetically pleasing spinning sign.

The spinning section is of composite construction with injection molded ABS trim. This provides an exceptionally strong, light product, which has an extended lifespan and is rust free. The base is moulded in indestructible UV inhibited roto cast plastic and is colour coded to the colour of your choice. For extra stability the base is filled with water or sand once on site. This design philosophy reduces the overall mass of the unit and saves on transportation and handling. The design also allows for the base to be separated from the spinning section during shipping, thus reducing costs. A colour coded base adds to the overall visibility and impact of the sign and assists in creating attention and maintaining a presence for your company.

spinning sign plastic base with steel pole spinning sign group
Group of wind spinning signs with colour-coded trim and base.

The spinning section can easily be removed from the base if so required. Store owners like to do this after trading hours or during adverse weather conditions.
The bearings are factory lubricated and do not require any maintenance. All replacement parts are available ex stock.

The spinning sign was designed in a wind tunnel to achieve low start up speeds, with accompanying low maximum speeds. Wind tunnel tested in excess of 6oKph. Click here to view our wind tunnel test video clip.
Designed to endure environmental conditions in both Northern and Southern hemispheres, the spinning sign can withstand temperature ranges of -25 to +40 degrees Celcius. All colour coded components and printable substrates are UV inhibited and all steel ware is electroplated to ensure an extended lifespan.

Why is the design of a spinning sign so important?

Our spinning signs have been designed with a complex aerodynamic shape which was perfected utilizing CAD and extensive wind tunnel testing. The spinning sign is activated by wind movement and uses the exact aerodynamic principle that keeps an aeroplane in the air. An aeroplanes wing is an aerofoil which is designed to produce lift when air passes over it. Air passing over the upper surface of a foil produces two thirds of a foils lift by creating a lower pressure. One third of a foils lift is produced by the higher pressure of air on the foils under surface. Our spinning sign uses the same principle, but instead of providing lift to keep airborne the lift of the wind is turned into rotation through the use of a low friction bearing assembly and shaft.

spinning sign side view
Close up view of a spinning sign corner detailing the high quality finish.

Aerodynamic principles

The principle of lift was discovered by Daniel Bernoulli, a Swiss scientist of the 18th century, who studied the relationship of fluid speed and pressure. When a fluid flows through a narrow constriction, its speed increases. This is easily noticed by the increased speed of steam when it flows through a narrow section. The fluid must speed up in the constricted area if the flow is to be continuous. Bernoulli wondered how the fluid got the energy for this extra speed. He reasoned that the energy is acquired at the expense of a lower internal pressure. His discovery, now called Bernoullis Principle, states: The pressure in a fluid decreases as the speed of the fluid increases. This is true whether the fluid is a gas or a liquid.

theory of aerodynamics

An aerofoil provides lift by taking advantage of Bernoulies principle, this same principle is utilised in our spinning signs.


spinning sign aerodynamic diagram

This cross-section of our spinning sign shows how rotation is initiated through the use of an aerofoil section. The lift provided causes the spinning sign to start rotating.


The shape of the Warp Five Windvane was developed through extensive wind tunnel testing to ensure the best possible start up speed and the slowest high wind velocity speed. This ensures that the rotating sign has movement in the lightest of wind conditions, but it also has a built in aerodynamic “brake”. This ensures that your advertising message gets the very best chance of being seen and read in a broad range of wind conditions.

Wind tunnel speed testing of the Warpfive spinning sign

This video shows our Rotating Sign undergoing wind tunnel testing at 60kph.

This represents gale force conditions!!


Wind tunnel comparitive testing of the Warpfive spinning sign

This video shows the Warpfive Spinning Sign undergoing wind tunnel testing alongside a competitive rotating sign with a basic aerodynamic shape.

The video clearly shows that our spinning sign starts up quickly, but most importantly spins approximately 40% slower than a rotating sign using basic aerodynamic shapes.
Basic aerodynamic shapes as utilised by steel spinning signs, spin far too quickly and are potentially dangerous to pedestrians.

steel support poleWarp Five spinning signs have been designed to have the most favourable aerodynamic properties required in a rotating advertising device i.e. to start rotating in very gentle wind conditions, but through the use of aerodynamic “braking” not to rotate too quickly in heavy wind conditions. Furthermore as the primary function of a spinning sign is to advertise products or services it must be aesthetically pleasing, and be pedestrian and vehicle friendly. In order to minimize any potential damage to pedestrians or property the rotating section of our spinning sign has a very low mass and smooth rounded shape with large diameter corners.

What makes the Warp Five spinning sign the world leader in wind powered rotating signs?

  1. Aerodynamics: a scientific, tested and proven approach to provide our spinning sign with the very best start up speed and lowest maximum speedspinning sign capping strip.

  2. Design: Soft rounded corners and high gloss injection moulded components make for an exceptionally finished and up market spinning sign.

  3. Colour choice: The base and trim of our spinning signs can be colour coded to your exact specification, ensuring that your corporate colours get maximum exposure for increased impact.

  4. Safety: By reducing the maximum rotation speed aerodynamically our spinning sign is less inclined to “walk” during very high wind speeds. The rotating section of the spinning sign has a composite construction and is therefore incredibly strong but also very light. This reduces the potential for damage to pedestrians and property in adverse conditions, it also enables the rotating section to be removed if required. The corners have been designed to have large radiuses that are pedestrian friendly in the unlikely event of a collision.

  5. complete spinning sign
    Colour coded rotating sign utilising end to end 3-colour graphics and stock base and trim.
    Distribution: The Warp Five rotating sign is supplied with a base that can be filled with either water or sand at the point of use which reduces its mass during transportation. The spinning section is of composite construction and is also very light. The spinning section is supplied separate to the base, which allows for very compact and economic packaging. This reduces the overall cost of transportation, storage and distribution of the spinning signs.

  6. Longevity: Launched in 1994 our spinning sign has been continually developed and improved to provide exceptional longevity. All of the materials used in the construction of the rotating sign are UV inhibited and rust proofed to provide years of service.

  7. Cost: Economically priced for both the corporate buyer and individual sign maker.

Spinning sign standard colour range:

These units are ready for digitally printed vinyl or computer cut vinyl application.

blank red spinning sign blank blue spinning sign blank white spinning sign


Entire unit:
1250mm height x
515mm x 470mm

Spinning Section:
1000mm x 515mm x 80mm

blue spinning sign
Blank laminated spinning sign with blue trim

red spinning signBlank laminated spinning sign with red trim

yellow spinning signBlank laminated spinning sign with yellow trim


On volumes of 300 units and more, we are able to customise to any Pantone colour.

Trade prices available on request.

Non trade enquiries welcome, please contact us for direction to a local reseller.

Buy small quantities online
spinning sign base close up
Close up view of Rota-cast plastic base detailing the heavy guage steel plate used for rigidity

Delivery and Timing

Standard colours are ex-stock and can be delivered in the UK within 1 - 3 days of order.

Windvane Printing and Finishing

Signage companies and resellers normally apply computer cut or digitally printed vinyl directly to the substrate. For larger volumes Warpfive can provide finished units, with the graphics silk-screened directly onto the substrate.


Vinyl Application Guide to the spinning sign:

Step 1

Blank Windvane's are supplied disassembled with colour coded side strips and top and bottom capping strips.


spinning sign kit

Step 2

Apply your vinyl to the blank windvane. It is a good idea to use a larger piece of vinyl than the size of the windvane which will allow you to position the vinyl easier and then trim off the excess.

spinning sign kit disassembled

Step 3

Attach the side strips and capping strips by placing them in place and fixing with the screws provided.

Spinning Sign fully assembled


You have sucessfully applied artwork to your new Windvane!

Spinning sign assembled

Dimensions and specifications of the spinning sign:

Technical Information
Longevity 1 to 5 years
Mass of rotating section 2kg
Mass of base 3.5kg (empty)
Dimensions: Rotating section 1000mm x 515mm x 80mm
Dimensions: Whole unit 1225mm x 515mm x 470mm
Maintenance None - bearings factory lubricated
Max. Wind Speed Wind tunnel tested to 34mph/60km/h
Temperature range -25° C to 40° C
UV Protection All plastics / coatings UV inhibited
Rust Protection All steelwork Electro-galvanised
Production Specifications
Method of printing Silkscreen / Digital

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