Swing sign - round base


The Warpfive Swing Sign

The Swing Sign is designed to flutter in the wind in order to attract attention. It allows for highly cost effective exposure. The units are simple and quick to erect and are compact to ship.

We manufacture two different variants of the Swing Sign utilising either a rectangular or round base. The round based variant makes use of the same base as our rotating signs allowing for seamless Point-of-Purchase integration.

The Warpfive Swing Sign offers:

  • Cost effective exposure
  • "Flutters" in the wind to attract attention
  • Double sided - allows for different graphics
  • Graphics easily exchangeable in the field
  • Extremely easy and quick assembly
  • Robust water-fillable base
  • Compact Shipping

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Round base swing sign:
Base: 470mm diametre x 190mm height
Height of entire unit: 1040mm

Swing Sign

Swing sign - rectangular base


Rectangular base swing sign:
Base: 660mm x 380mm
Height of unit: 940mm



  Temperature range   -25 °C to +40°C
  Ultra violet protection   Steel Frame - UV inhibited
      Printed section - UV stabilised ink
      Power coating - UV resistant
  Rust protection   Aluminium Swing bar
      Stainless steel hardware
Product Specifications
Method of printing   Silkscreen  
Line screen   55 screen  
Materials used   1.5mm ABS plastic for graphics,  
    Polyethylene rota-cast base  
    Stainless Steel and Aluminium Fittings  
Manufacturing lead time   Qty: 1000 = 5 weeks  
    Qty: 2000 =7 weeks  
Time on water   4 weeks  
Number per box   5  


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